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Both are known for their superb UV-protection qualities, which, as we know, is the secondary function of sun shelters after providing shade. The tent comes with not just a carry bag, but with a backpack that makes it easy to transport the tool from A to B. The shelter is easy to set up, which helps when you are aiming at spending more time with your loved ones than assembling a time-consuming pavilion. The 3 fiberglass poles help in stabilizing the canopy and keeping it, well, grounded regardless of strong winds.

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  • Comes complete with a carrying bag for easy portability.
  • If you don’t have the instructions that came with the tent, search online for folding videos.
  • She has found that it both sets up and folds down easily and has provided ample shelter for her family on hot summer days.
  • We have tried and tested the best beach tends to protect the little one’s from the summer heat.
  • We opted to test more moderately priced, lighter beach tents since those are more convenient to the average beach-goer.

The chief disadvantage of this shelter is its overall size and weight. It is the heaviest shelter we tested, though in this case, the weight is an indicator of the quality of the steel frame. Still, this shelter may be too large and cumbersome to operate if you plan on being extremely mobile or if you’re solo. Otherwise, if you want a commercial canopy tent, this is where you should start your search. The oversized sides can be staked down for stability, although you may want to purchase an after-market umbrella anchor for the center pole if you expect heavy wind.


It opens up at both ends so provides plenty of ventilation as well as sun protection. It’s water best baby shampoo rather than rain resistant so this really is intended for use in the summer. This G4Free Cabana, patented pop-up beach tent comes in a range of attractive, fun and funky colors.

We’ve weathered sunscreen-induced tantrums, swim-diaper disasters, and one terrifying near miss with a big wave. Along the way, we’ve learned to love going to the beach as a family. Learn how to spot it—and how to protect children of all ages from bullies at school. Make the most of a windy day on the coast with this eye-catching bird kite from Moulin Roty. Kids will love launching the kite into the air and watching the multi-coloured ribbons on the tail swoop in the wind.

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You can also purchase baby clothes with a built-in SPF as well. Buy a hat that has a built-in SPF for an extra layer of protection. However, in the event that the baby gets a slight sunburn anyway, there are things you can do. Adding a bit of the apple cider vinegar to the babies bath can help with treating sunburn effects and make your baby comfortable again. The dreaded issue of going to the beach is always centered around sunburn. It is also an advantage to bring a tent so that you can take a nap with the baby and that you’re refreshed with them as well.

The curtains on the two doors can be rolled up for easy entry and exit, providing a beautiful panoramic view. 2 inner pockets provide extra space to store phone, wallet, keys, and small tools. 1 hook, hang a small battery lantern on the built-in hook for nighttime lighting. The portable baby pool beach tent ticks all the right boxes for a perfect baby shade whether you’re out on the beach, indoors, or by the pool.

There’s also baby/adult animations so a parent can sit and play with you at the beach. Three child avatars can use it at the same time and each will be given their own menu so all of you can do as you please. The tent is only 3 prims and comes in a variety of designs perfectly suited for the children of SL. One limitation to the Bend River Beach Tent and similar to the Epltion Baby Beach Tent is that this only has enough room for one person. Not ideal if you’re looking to get out of the sun or jump in and entertain your child. The Nest Grande Beach Tent takes a more open design relying on a 7 ft high roof and no walls.

Protecting young children from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet light rays is one of those very potentially harmful situations. You may not want to take your baby with you into the lake, ocean, or a swimming pool but that doesn’t mean your baby won’t welcome a splash in the waters. Small pool features enable your little one to splash safely in its very own baby-sized tent and pool combination. The word tent evokes images of tents you’ve seen advertised for backwoods camping, with canvas, stakes, tie downs, perhaps a flap closure. Many are linear in shape, though some resemble futuristic fabric igloos.

This can be your kiddos special place whether you’re just in the backyard, exploring the beach, or on any kind of adventure. As great as sunshine is, it’s rays can be really harmful especially to the little ones. Our favorite way to get outside while keeping the babies protected from the sun has always been a baby beach tent.

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